M.A., Communications, Concordia University, Montreal
B.A., History, Pahlavi University, Shiraz, Iran

Regional and Thematic Interests

West Asia/Middle East


Reza Farokhfal is a published writer in his country of origin (Iran). His fictional works as well as his works in literary theory and cultural studies have appeared in various prestigious literary periodicals and anthologies. His latest book, Sa’di’s Narrative of Exile, was recently published in Tehran. He acquired a B.A. in History from Pahlavi (Shiraz) University in Iran and a Master’s degree in Communications from Concordia University in Montreal.

 Reza Farokhfal has previously taught Persian at the Islamic Studies Institute of McGill University in Montreal, University of Wisconsin in Madison, and presently, he works as an instructor and coordinator of the Persian program at the ALC. In teaching Persian (Farsi) as a less common taught language, he has tried to apply a ‘communicative approach’ in his classes as well as in compiling a course book titled Persian: Here and Now, for teaching at the introductory level of Persian language.

Selected Publications

2014 Persian: Here and Now, Introduction to Persian Language. Washington, DC: Mage Publishers.

2014 ‘Of Ayda’s Golfing’: a Critical Analysis of Ayda Moradi Ahani’s Novel, Golfing on the Gunpowder. Paris: Davat literary site.

2009 Sa’di’s Narrative of Exile (Essays on Exile, Literature, and Culture). Tehran, Nashr-e Markaz.