Research Assistant Professor
Humanities • Arts & Social Sciences Division

Institutional Affiliation 

Daniels Fund Program in Professional Ethics Education

Ethics Across Campus Program

Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences Division

Colorado School of Mines


Ph.D., Engineering Education, Social Policy (Graduate Certificate)
Purdue University, 2017

Ph.D. (with honors), Philosophy of Science and Technology (Engineering Ethics)
Dalian University of Technology, 2011 

B.S., Materials Processing and Control Engineering
Dalian University of Technology, 2005

Regional and Thematic Interests

​My research interests include the cultural foundations (e.g., Confucian moral psychology) of engineering ethics, global engineering education, and ethics and policy of emerging technologies such as nanotechnology, robotics, and cybersecurity.


I am a Research Assistant Professor in the Ethics Across Campus Program and the Division of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences at Colorado School of Mines, where I am helping with managing the Daniels Fund  Program in Professional Ethics Education that provides scholarly and grant support for faculty to integrate ethics into applied science and engineering curricula. I serve as a graduate faculty member in the Master's Program in Natural Resources and Energy Policy at Mines. I am also serving as Associate Editor for International Perspectives at the National Academy of Engineering's Online Ethics Center for Engineering and Science and Book Review and Digital Platforms Editor for the Journal of Engineering Studies

Selected Publication

Michelfelder, D., Newberry, B., & Zhu, Q. (Eds.). (2017). Philosophy and engineering: Exploring boundaries, expanding connections. Dordrecht, Netherlands: Springer.  

​Wang, Q., & Zhu, Q. (2015). Gongcheng lunli de shijian youxiaoxing yanjiu [The practical effectiveness in engineering ethics]. Beijing, China: Science Press. []

Frodeman, R., Holbrook, J. B., Mitcham, C., & Hong, X. (Eds.) (2012). Peer review, research integrity, and the governance of science: Practice, theory, and current discussions. (G. Xia & Q. Zhu, Trans.). Beijing, China: People's Press.