Asian Languages and Civilizations


M.A., Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language, The American University in Cairo, Egypt
B.A., English Language and Literature, Faculty of Al-Alsun (Languages), Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt

CAS Speaker Bureau Topic(s)

Arabic Language; Arabic Sociolinguistics; Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language

Research Interests

Arabic Sociolinguistic;, language choice; e-Arabic, language and identity; language and ideology; language pedagogy

Regional and Thematic Interests

West Asia/Middle East
Language; Media Studies


Before coming to CU Boulder, I taught Arabic language and translation at The American University in Cairo, Leiden University in The Netherlands, and The International Language Institute (IH-Cairo). I also have a professional experience in translation, machine translation and publishing. I am currently doing my PhD project with Tilburg University in The Netherlands. I am interested to look at the effects of globalization and superdiversity on cross country communication in the Arab world. More specifically, I want to explore the linguistic and semiotic resources used by Arabs on pan-Arab satellite channels and social media and the indexicality of this usage on identity and ideology in The Arab world.

Selected Publications

2014. والنظام الكتابي والصعوبات وكيفية التغلب عليها في تدريس اللغة العربية كلغة أجنبية
"The Arabic Alphabet: the history, the writing system, and the challenges in teaching Arabic as foreign language and suggestions to overcome them."
Presented at: The Joint ATS-BRISMES conference “Mapping Arabic Heritage”, The American University of Sharjah, 14-16 April.

2011. "Arabizi: A Writing Variety Worth Learning? An Exploratory Study of the View of Foreign Learners of Arabic on Arabizi."
Presented at: Jil Jadid 2012. University of Texas at Austin. 23-25 February 2012, and MESA (Middle East Studies Association) Conference, Washington DC (1-4 December).

2011. Abdelghafar, N. et al (2011). Arabizi or Romanization: the dilemma of writing Arabic texts.
Presented at Jil Jadid 2011, University of Texas at Austin. 18-19 February 2011.