max hirsh
Visiting Scholar
Center for Asian Studies

Institutional Affiliation

Airport City Academy


PhD, Urban Planning, Harvard University, 2012

MA, Architecture, Harvard University, 2008

Magister, Urban History, Technical University of Berlin, 2006

BA, German Studies, Harvard University, 2001

Research Interests

Max Hirsh is Managing Director of the Airport City Academy and a leading global expert on airports and urban development. His current research focuses on sustainable building technologies, urban air mobility, and air-rail integration. He is the author of Airport Urbanism (University of Minnesota Press, 2016) and Infrastructure and the Remaking of Asia (University of Hawaii Press, 2023). Max has published in China Quarterly, East Asian Science, Technology, and Society, History and Technology, and South East Asia Research. His research has been supported by the Henry Luce Foundation, Social Science Research Council, National Research Foundation of Singapore, and the Research Grants Council of Hong Kong.

Faculty Sponsor

Tim Oakes, Geography

Term at CU

Max is currently a visiting scholar from November 2022 to October 2024.