Associate Professor


Ph.D., Queen's University at Kingston
M.A., Universite du Quebec a Montreal
B.A., Universite du Quebec a Montreal

Regional and Thematic Interests

Business and Economics

Research Interests

Dynamic capital structure of firms; dynamics of the current account and fiscal policy; asset returns and the business cycle


Dr. Boileau, PhD, Queen's University, 1994, is an associate professor whose research interests are in macroeconomics and international finance. The main focus of his research is the extension and evaluation of stochastic, dynamic, general equilibrium models of the business cycle. In particular, the models are tested for their abilities to explain the persistence of business cycle fluctuations, the different asset pricing puzzles, and the behavior of the current account and interest differentials.

Selected Publications

2012 Boileau, Martin and Michel Normandin. “Do Tax Cuts Generate Twin Deficits? A Multi-Country Analysis.” Canadian Journal of Economics 45: 1667-1699.

2010 Boileau, Martin, Michel Normandin, and Bruno Powo-Fosso. “Country-Wide Specific Shocks and International Business Cycles.” Journal of Macroeconomics 32: 1-16.