CLAC Coordinator
Center for Asian Studies


B.A. Simpson College
M.A., Spanish, University of Colorado Boulder
Ph.D., Spanish, University of Colorado Boulder


Mark Pleiss is the Coordinator for the Culture and Languages Across the Curriculum (CLAC) program at the Center for Asian Studies. He is also the Lead Coordinator for the Graduate Teacher Program at CU-Boulder. He completed his Ph.D. in Contemporary Peninsular Spanish Literature and Culture and has taught at CU-Boulder, St. Olaf College, and Metro-State University of Denver. His research interests include: Spanish and North American Academic Fiction, the Spanish Post-Dictatorship Novel, Parody, European Detective Fiction, and the novels of Javier Tomeo, Javier Cercas, María Dueñas, and Javier Marías. He has extensive experience with graduate instructor education, teaching Spanish language and culture at the university level, and has taught with content-based language methodologies and communicative-based approaches.

Recent Publications

Forthcoming 2018. "Discerning the Impossible: Metaphysics, Absurdity, and Other Mysteries of Javier Tomeo's Crime Fiction." Bulletin of Hispanic Studies.

2017. "Of Heroes, Gods, and Monsters: Parody and Popular Culture in the Final Novels of Javier Tomeo." Anales de la literatura española contemporánea. 42.1 (2017).

2017. "Los géneros de un monstruo: Una última conversación con Javier Tomeo." Anales de la literatura española contemporánea. 41.1