Ph.D., M.A., B.A., History, University of California Berkeley, 1995, 1989, 1986

CAS Speaker Bureau Topic(s)

Gender, women, and family in modern Japan

Research Interests

The history of gender and family in early modern Japan (c. 1590-1868)

Regional and Thematic Interests

East Asia


Professor Yonemoto's research focuses on the cultural history of early modern Japan (c. 1590-1868). Most of her publications, including her first book, Mapping Early Modern Japan: Space, Place, and Culture in the Tokugawa Period (1603-1868) (University of California Press, 2003), examine popular discourses of geographical consciousness as expressed in maps, travel writing, and popular fiction. She is presently researching her second book, which is on the history of women and gender in early modern Japan. Her publications include "The ‘Spatial Vernacular' in Tokugawa Maps." The Journal of Asian Studies 53:3 (August 2000), 647-666. "Envisioning Japan in Eighteenth-Century Europe: The International Career of a Cartographic Image." Intellectual History Newsletter 22 (2000), 17-35. "Maps and Metaphors of Japan's ‘Small Eastern Sea' in Tokugawa Japan (1603-1868)." The Geographical Review 89:2 (April 1999): 169-187. "Nihonbashi: Edo's Contested Center." East Asian History 17/18 (1999): 49-70.