Associate Professor


Ph.D., Cornell University, 2008

Research Interests

Industrial organization; organizational economics; political economics; intellectual properties; network industries; financing; contracting; lobbying

Regional and Thematic Interests

East Asia
Business and Economics


Jin-Hyuk Kim, Ph.D. Cornell University, 2008, is an assistant professor with research interests in economic analysis of intellectual property rights especially copyrights, relational contracts, team organizations, post-employment restrictions, lobbying, and political institutions. His current work focuses on the impact of international harmonization of copyright levies on social welfare.

Selected Publications

Forthcoming "Employee Poaching: Why It Can Be Predatory,” Managerial and Decision Economics.

Forthcoming. "Determinants of Post-Congressional Lobbying Employment,” Economics of Governance.

Forthcoming. "A Simple Model of Copyright Levies: Implications for Harmonization," International Tax and Public Finance.

Forthcoming. “Does Competition Affect Evolutionary Dynamics? Evidence from a Collegiate University,” Applied Economics Letters.

2011. “International Convergence of Copyright Production,” Review of Economics and Statistics 93(4), 1432-1439.

2011. “Peer Performance Evaluation: Information Aggregation Approach,” Journal of Economics & Management Strategy 20(2), 565-587.

2008 “Corporate Lobbying Revisited,” Business and Politics 10(2), Article 3.

2008. “A Welfare Simulation of Mixed-Member Electoral Systems,” Public Choice 136(3), 447-456.

2007 “Strategic Use of Copyright Protection to Deter Entry,” B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy 7(1), Article 47.