Asian Studies Major/Minor Course
Asian Studies

Course Credits: 3
Asian Studies Major Course

Semester(s) Offered

  • Fall 2023
  • Fall 2022
  • Fall 2021 - Hybrid

Catalog Description

Building on Beginning Indonesian, students are exposed to active communication in Bahasa Indonesia. Offered in person or remotely using the Directed Independent Language Study (DILS) method, employing "flipped" task-based learning approaches. Assignments develop the four language skills, with vocabulary, grammar and cultural instruction. Students demonstrate progress during class sessions through reading summaries, answering questions and practicing speaking. Grades are based on demonstrated proficiency of written and spoken Indonesian, through in-class performance and midterm and final examinations.

Course Notes: This class will be taught using a combination of in person and online or remote instruction modes. This means that some coursework may be completed online at a student's own pace (asynchronous) or remotely at designated times, in addition to having an in person meeting pattern. Watch your CU email for more information from the instructor/department prior to the start of classes.

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