Asian Studies Major/Minor Course • Asian Studies Graduate Certificate
Leeds School of Business

Course Credits: 3
Asian Studies Major/Minor Course
Asian Studies Graduate Certificate

Semester(s) Offered

  • Fall 2023
  • Spring 2023
  • Fall 2022
  • Spring 2022
  • Fall 2021 - Remote and in person by section
  • Spring 2020
  • Spring 2019
  • Fall 2018
  • Summer 2018
  • Spring 2018
  • Fall 2017
  • Spring 2017
  • Fall 2016
  • Summer 2016
  • Spring 2016
  • Fall 2015
  • Summer 2015
  • Spring 2015
  • Fall 2014
  • Summer 2014

Catalog Description

This survey course takes a broad and comprehensive perspective on managing and operating in a rapidly growing global economy. Explores regional and national approaches to international management, including trade practices, country penetration strategies, international finance and accounting, marketing across cultures, global service and manufacturing operations, cultural and legal differences, ethical and sustainability issues, and global competitive strategy. Formerly INBU 4300. Requisites: Restricted to Business (BUSN) or International Affairs (IAFS) majors with 52-180 units completed.

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