Asian Studies Major/Minor Course • Asian Studies Graduate Certificate

Course Credits: 3
Asian Studies Major/Minor Course
Asian Studies Graduate Certificate

Semester(s) Offered

  • Spring 2020
  • Spring 2018
  • Spring 2017
  • Spring 2012

Catalog Description

Examines the more important movements of reform in Muslim world (including Africa, the Middle East, and India) from the 18th century to the present, and their origins and intellectual import. Due to the trans-regional nature of this broad movement of reform, we will pay particular attention to how these movements related to local political, economic,and social contexts, and how they, in turn, moved across larger networks of oceanic commerce and trade. The course concludes with extended case studies of Islamic reformism in modern Egypt and India, and their ultimate influence on the politics of contemporary Islamist movements, especially the intellectual position of Ussama B. Ladin. Recommended prereq., HIST 1308. Requisites: Restricted to students with 27-180 credits (Sophomores, Juniors or Seniors) only.

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