Course Credits: 3

Semester(s) Offered

Special Topics noted below

  • Spring 2018
    • Not Asia-Related: Early Modern Italy
  • Spring 2017
    • Possible Asia-Related: The New World Origins of Race
  • Spring 2016
    • Possibly Asia-Related: Birth of the Modern Economy
  • Fall 2015
    • Possibly Asia-Related: Birth of the Modern Economy

Catalog Description

Examines major themes in Early Modern history in a variety of global contexts. Issues to be explored could include intellectual developments, religion, popular culture, social history, economic and political changes, and states and warfare, usually in a specific region or nation (i.e. Europe, Latin America, the Atlantic World, Spain, Russia, China, Japan, etc..). Topics vary in any given semester. Similar to HIST 2113. Formerly HIST 2112. Approved for arts and sciences core curriculum: historical context. Requisites: History (HIST) majors are restricted from taking this course.

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