Host of Living Dialogues radio program


Duncan A. Campbell III holds degrees from Harvard Law School and Yale University, and a Certificate from the Sorbonne. His experience in the last forty years has included law, business, finance, psychology, philosophy, politics, communications, and teaching. His is presently an advisor to ventures in new energy (on which topic he wrote an innovative white paper for the 2004/2008 Democratic Party presidential campaigns, “New Energy for a New World”).

His international interest and service is long-standing, beginning with his time at the American School of Paris and the Sorbonne in the early 60s, and his selection at age 18 to represent the U.S. in a UNESCO-sponsored Month of Friendship with students from 44 countries in France. He was the youngest Escort-Interpreter for the U.S. State Department, traveling the U.S. with leading political figures from francophone Africa. His interest in China goes back nearly 50 years to being the top student in the Modern Chinese History course of Mary Wright--a leading China scholar of the era--and an early student of Chinese law with Jerome Cohen at Harvard Law School. He is a member of the National Committee on United States-China Relations.

Duncan has taught and presented in a variety of formal and informal venues in the fields above noted in the U.S., including courses at Harvard College and the John F. Kennedy School of Politics while in law school, the American Bar Association Presidential Showcase Seminar, and numerous others, as well as in Europe, Brazil, Russia, India, China (Hong Kong), and Taiwan. He has hosted his Living Dialogues with internationally renowned and pioneering authors and fellow visionaries on public television - and now on radio and worldwide on the Web - including leading political and social figures and commentators.