Adjunct Faculty in Music Studies

Institutional Affiliation

Naropa University
Wisdom Traditions Department


M.A., Ethnomusicology, University of Hawaii
B.A., Anthropology, University of Washington

Research Interests

Harmonic analysis of Indian ragas
Private music lessons in the intimate tradition of Indian Classical Music

Regional and Thematic Interests



Kabir is blessed to participate in many circles of mystic love and offer his music in a variety of awe inspiring worshipful settings. Real education began with culture shock in Beirut, Lebanon: which led to a shift in major from science to ethnomusicology, gradually his central life intention shifted from successful university career to maturing inner transformation. After a 2nd blessed jolt of culture shock in rural India, he was lovingly taken in by music teacher Shri M.K. Bhaskaran and initiated into the mysteries of Goddess Saraswati and her Ragas.  He was initiated into meditation through Osho.  His tears of love, joy, understanding while hearing Osho’s Hindi led to translating two books, both published by Rebel Press: Die O Yogi Die on songs of Shri Gorakhnath and Enlightenment the Only Revolution on the song of the Vedantin Ashtavakra and the awakening of King Janaka.

Kabir teaches Indian music in Boulder and Denver, with new and traditional methods and music for opening the heart, experiencing perfect harmony, loving our Mother, praising Allah.  His life is an offering to Saraswati, Goddess of wisdom, study, music, and poetry. Since 1993, he offers music at the Boulder Nur Ashki Jerrahi Sufi Zikr Ceremony every Thursday: Turkish music in English translation. Kabir leads the Naropa Community Kirtan: Chant and Raga evenings once each month, and several kirtans each year at Shiva Sai Mandir in Denver. His 8 CD Divine Singing Kirtan Chanting in the Devotional Tradition of India was released by Sounds True in December 2006.

Selected Publications

Rumi: Awakening Heart Fire, exploding vocal ragas with Andrew Harvey as he interprets Rumi poems,  3 cd’s June 2008

Divine Singing: Kirtan Chanting in the Devotional Tradition of India, a Sounds True Audio Learning Course, 8 cd’s with the Divine Singing Song booklet, December 2006

Healing Mantras, Anandi Ma, flute accompaniment of Krishna Mantra, Sounds True

Unstruck Sounds: Rumi Celebration with Polly Mahoney and others