Associate Professor

Regional and Thematic Interests

West Asia/Middle East


Professor Dauverd is a historian of early modern Europe specializing in the Renaissance and the Mediterranean. Her research focuses on socio-cultural relations between Spain and Italy during the early modern era (1440-1640). Her first book, Imperial Ambition in the Early Modern Mediterranean: Genoese Merchants and the Spanish Crown (Cambridge University Press, NY 2014) examines the role of the Genoese trade diaspora in southern Italy in the context of the Spanish-Habsburg expansion in the Mediterranean Sea. Dauverd teaches courses on Renaissance Italy, Golden Age Spain, the Mediterranean, and early modern Europe. She is a board Member of the Mediterranean Studies group at CU Boulder. Her second book manuscript entitled Viceroy Good Government: Ceremonies, Charities, Communities investigates the link between imperialism and religion through an analysis of the Spanish viceroys’ role in religious processions in early modern Naples. Dauverd is spending the 2016-17 academic year on sabbatical leave as a CAORC multi-country fellow (Italy, Morocco, and Turkey,) researching for her third book project entitled Three Kings: Muslim Rulers and the Pact of the Peace Toward Italians, 1453-1610. This work assesses the concept of dhimma through the alliance between the Italian communities and Mehmed II of Turkey, Mulay Hassan of Tunisia, and Ahmad Al Mansur of Morocco.