CAS views Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) as essential aspects of teaching and service at the University of Colorado Boulder. Our DEI work comprises two main prongs; we seek to be a partner in building resources and support for underrepresented and historically marginalized communities, including international students from Asia; and we aim to increase all students’ intercultural sensitivity and decrease fear-based responses to difference. By learning about Asian societies, we hope that students will begin to see commonalities among the differences and start to more readily accept that there are different ways of being in the world that are equally valid. These endeavors are a crucial part of campus missions for diversity and inclusivity in the classroom and we seek to contribute to making the campus environment more welcoming and accepting of difference for all of our students. 

Please see our statements (below) for more detail on how we apply our DEI principles to current events. For more information about our programs and events, see: and