Art & Art History

Course Credits: 1-3

Semester(s) Offered

Special Topics noted below

  • Fall 2019
    • Asia Related: Contemporary Chinese Art
  • Fall 2018
    • Not Asia Related: Mexico & Peru
  • Spring 2018
    • Not Asia Related: Rodin; Museums in the 21st Century
  • Fall 2017
    • Possibly Asia-Related: Modern Art 2: 1886-1907; Surveillance & Cinema
    • Not Asia-Related: Michelangelo; Art in Rome 1570-1630; Art in Golden Age Spain; Museums in the 21st Century
  • Fall 2016
    • Not Asia-Related: Minimalism & Formalism; Russian Avant-Garde; Museums in the 21st Century
  • Spring 2016
    • Asia-Related: Art of the Himalayas/Tibet
    • Not Asia-Related: Picasso; Installation Art; Museums in the 21st Century
  • Fall 2015
    • Not Asia-Related: Contemporary Indigenous Arts; Russian Avant-Garde; Michelangelo; Museums in the 21st Century
  • Summer 2015
    • Not Asia-Related: Picasso
  • Spring 2015
  • Fall 2014
  • Summer 2014
  • Spring 2014
  • Fall 2013
  • Spring 2013

Catalog Description

May be repeated up to 18 total credit hours when topic varies. Same as ARTH 5929.

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