Executive Director, Colorado China Council


Alice Renouf graduated from CU Boulder with BA in Asian Studies, MA in Modern Chinese History, and PhD Candidate (ABD) in Asian History. She lived in Taiwan in 1970 while working on MA and has made about 35 trips to the PRC for program development over the years and was formerly the administrator of Asian Studies CU Boulder. 

Alice has served as the Executive Director of the Colorado China Council (CCC) since 1977. It is a 501c(3) not-for-profit, non-political, educational outreach organization dedicated to developing programs to deepen the American public's understanding and appreciation of China's history, culture and contemporary life.  For over 10 years CCC hosted seminars, lectures, multi-media events, conferences, art exhibitions which often toured the US, provincial governors, Ambassadors and Chinese mayors, and scientific, business and educational delegations from China.  

In 1991 CCC began sending Americans with a BA degree to teach English and other subjects at universities throughout China. Alice has placed over 700 people in Chinese universities. Two books of letters will have been published about the program and her teachers: Dear Alice: Letters Home from American Teachers Learning to Live in China, UC  Berkeley, 1998 and Yin-Yang: American Perspectives on Living in China, Rowman and Littlefield, 2012 (coming late this fall).  

Since 1991 CCC has been a member of the China Teachers Consortium consisting of higher education institutions and organizations throughout the US who have significant teaching programs in China.  

Alice is a past Chair of the Center for Asian Studies Advisory Council and currently serves as Social Chair.  Going forward she hopes to initiate artist exhibitions and exchanges with cities in southwest China.