Published: Sept. 27, 2023

Program Manager, Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander Students

The Center for Inclusion and Social Change at the University of Colorado Boulder welcomes applications for the Program Manager for Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Students! This vital role within the Center for Inclusion and Social Change (CISC) is responsible for providing support, resources, programs, and events to AAPI students and will assist with, and advocate for, AAPI communities on campus to create a more welcoming, inclusive and supportive environment for students to thrive. The Program Manager will also assist with campus wide diversity initiatives to create a more welcoming campus along intersectional identities related to historically underrepresented and/or underserved students. This position reports within the Office of Intercultural Engagement in the Center for Inclusion and Social Change (CISC).

Programming, Development and Scholarship Coordination:

  • Plan and implement high-impact programming that serves to enhance the academic and social success of AAPI students, including visibility campaigns and heritage celebrations. 
  • Implement AAPI programming in response to national/local incidents.
  • Provide meaningful connections for AAPI students to student organizations, identity centers, other programs and services to holistically support their development and belonging.
  • Create and maintain supportive, welcoming and inclusive center spaces, and implement outcome-based innovative programs that invite all students to communicate across lines of race, ethnicity, sex, religion, gender, class, sexual orientation, and other social identities.
  • Foster ongoing relationships with AAPI student organization leaders to provide opportunities for leadership development and community building, including but not limited to AAPI clubs and organizations.
  • Assist in leading the UndocuNetwork, and coordinated meetings to identify and understand issues confronting Undocumented students and propose solutions to achieve greater inclusion, retention, and graduation.
  • Coordinate UndocuAlly training sessions offered to groups of faculty, staff, administrators, and students to increase the understanding of the needs of Undocumented students, particularly within the AAPI community.
  • Support coordination efforts for orientations and workshops for current and prospective CU students (and their families) who identify as DACA, ASSET, children of immigrants or otherwise Undocumented, and support CU Boulder’s Undocumented student services program at campus, community and off-campus events.
  • Collaborate with teams in CISC to combine programming and projects when and where appropriate for greater outreach, and align programming learning outcomes and events with strategic plans for the campus and the division of Student Affairs.
  • Develop a regular communication plan for incoming and returning AAPI student scholars.
  • Coordinate with financial aid and enrollment to determine structure and support of AAPI scholarships.
  • Manage all AAPI focused scholarships within CISC to increase support for students.

Advising and Student Support:

  • Serve as an advisor to AAPI students, specifically during their first year at CU Boulder, and meet one on one regularly to support students
  • Refer students to appropriate campus resources for support, as needed (i.e. Center for Asian Studies, Student Academic Services Center, Basic Needs Center, Center for Student Involvement, Counseling Services, Office of Victim Assistance, etc.)
  • Create reflective spaces for students to understand, develop, celebrate and support their salient and intersectional identities
  • Support AAPI students in identity development to contribute to their retention at the university
  • Provide intentional connections to key partners including alumni groups, families, and parents to help support AAPI students and strengthen alumni relations.
  • Actively foster and maintain a workplace climate that is supportive of employees and respectful of difference, as well as to create a learning environment for students that encourages personal development, self-reflection, and academic success.

Fiscal Operations and Assessment:

  • Ensure the responsible planning and expenditure of fiscal resources in a manner consistent with equitable fiduciary responsibility.
  • Provide timely/pertinent budgetary information as necessary and process university fiscal paperwork promptly and accurately and meet goals for all requests for reports, data, publications, and budgets.
  • Routinely assess the necessity of various expenditures, including but not limited to programming activities, student recognition, and professional development/training.
  • Construct learning objectives and assessment measures for Pride Office events and programming and provide quantitative and qualitative assessment to assess impacts on student retention.
  • Assist with CISC assessments and evaluations to determine proper and adequate services and resources are being provided.
  • In collaboration with supervisor, develop assessment measures which collect and track quantitative and qualitative university data and trends for training and advocacy needs and partnership development for AAPI students.

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