Published: July 6, 2023

As part of a Tang-funded global seminar this summer, a group of 14 undergraduate students from CU embarked on a three-week program immersing themselves in Taiwanese life, culture, politics, and history. We'll be showcasing a series of blog posts from these students to share what the experience has been like in their words.

Post #7 Emily Landingham

Something I’ve experienced and loved learning about while in taiwan was the diversity in foods across the different area’s we have gone. It’s really cool to me, because I think about Colorado, which is 103,641 square km, and the food is pretty standard. Denver metro area, Colorado Springs, etc. you know what you’re ordering. Even across different states most of the time something like say a burger is very standard with what goes on it, unless the place specifically says it specializes in something. 

shaved ice

 Meanwhile Taiwan, which is comparatively at 36,197 square km has a different taste and agenda of meals. When we traveled to Tainan, the famous dish of Taiwan, Beef noodle soup, was actually served as a breakfast dish. It also had a different type of noodle than the spirally type I ate in Taipei The shaved ice as well, another renowned Taiwanese dish, had a different taste in Tainan. There were options fresh fruit, red bean and pudding, and the ice was similar to American snow cone. Taipei’s shaved ice though had a milky flavor, with ice cream on top and fruit layered in it. All of it was good, nonetheless.

shaved ice

 Both were major cities not to far distance wise, with different tastes. it’s been really interesting experiencing the food culture in Taiwan. I came here wanting to try new things, and without even trying I’ve been able to. It’s fun learning and experiencing the variety of food in Taiwan from each region, it’s definitely going to be one of the top things I’ll miss when I’m back in America. 

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