Published: June 8, 2023

As part of a Tang-funded global seminar this summer, a group of 14 undergraduate students from CU embarked on a three-week program immersing themselves in Taiwanese life, culture, politics, and history. We'll be showcasing a series of blog posts from these students to share what the experience has been like in their words.

#3 Joshua Jeng

I have only spent a week here in Taipei, but I already feel so privileged to be here. So far, the experiences that stood out to me the most were the mundane aspects of everyday life. I assume that native Taiwanese people would take these amenities as normal and unexceptional, but I find them truly fascinating and exciting. 

For example, Taipei is a very walkable city. A walkable city is a city in which you don't need a car to take care of your basic necessities. Walkable cities are non-existent in the USA, so being able to experience life without worrying about gas or having a car is a fantastic experience. Additionally, as a walkable city, there is also an abundance of convenience stores that serve good food. The 7-11 here is a league on themselves when compared to the 7-11 in America. 

small alley

The final thing that struck me as amazing is the variety of different greenery around the city. I grew up in Michigan where the only time we see a variety of colors from plants is the two weeks in fall when all the leaves change color. But here in Taipei, colorful plants and greenery are practically everywhere. Just today I took a walk around my city block and noticed some stunning flowers just there in the middle of the city. These plants would probably go unnoticed by locals, but they struck me as something different and unique. 


Overall I am very glad I came to Taiwan, and each day I noticed or learn something new that leaves me speechless.