Published: May 1, 2023

The Center for Asian Studies is pleased to announce the winners of Fellowships, Scholarships and Grants awarded to graduate students and faculty this spring. Congratulations to all successful applicants!

Graduate Student Awards:

Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships

Aaron Bhatoya
Aaron is an incoming History PhD student. He works on South Asian History with focuses on Women, Gender, and Sexuality, as well as drugs (opium). He is excited to use the FLAS fellowship for the upcoming academic year to strengthen his Hindi skills for future archival and oral history work.

Jeanne Cho
Jeanne Cho (She/her) is in the second year of her Ph.D. program in the History Department. She studies modern Korean history, and plans to use her FLAS award to learn Japanese so that she can use it in future studies of colonial history and also broaden her perspective to consider transnational connections. 

Jake Fischer
Jake has always felt that he has a sort of calling to use language skills to help bridge the widening gap between East and West.  With the generous support of the FLAS fellowship, he will begin learning Korean to enhance his near-native fluency in Mandarin Chinese in order to further this goal as he explores Confucian and Daoist attitudes towards disability, and specifically how these attitudes may have influenced portrayals in contemporaneous literature.  Korea has a strong tradition in Confucianism, and as such, proficiency in Korean language and culture will allow him to explore this topic from a different angle. 

Graduate Students Summer 2023 Language Program

David Bachrach
David Fernando Bachrach is a PhD candidate in the University of Colorado Boulder's Department of Geography. He will be attending an intensive Indonesian language course for 8 weeks over the summer at Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia's Language Center in Bandung. This language program will be essential for David to achieve his research goals for his dissertation, which includes long-term qualitative research on the Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway in Indonesia.

Gabriel Hooper
Gabriel will be studying at the Manabi Japanese Language Institute this summer. He is in the MA program in the Asian Languages and Civilizations Department.

Chelsea Kennedy
Chelsea received her undergraduate degree in Philosophy from the University of Portland, and he is currently a MA student in Religious Studies at CU Boulder. Upon completion of her MA Chelsea plans to pursue a PhD program in Philosophy to further her research interests, which center on Islamic Philosophy and its key role in the development of the Western philosophical tradition. She is particularly interested in medieval philosophy insofar as it can be seen as the basis for the historical narrative that has led to the exclusion or delegitimizing of non-western philosophical traditions. She will be utilizing the FLAS Summer Fellowship to study Arabic at Middlebury Language School’s summer program in Middlebury, Vermont. The opportunity to study in this fully immersive 8-week program will be a vital support in Chelsea’s research, providing the tools for a comprehensive investigation of the Arabic language’s role as a conduit of intellectual discourse. 

Tsering Lhamo
Tsering Lhamo is a first-generation Tibetan-American PhD student in the geography department. Tsering’s doctoral research examines the embodied experiences of caterpillar fungus harvesters and traders in the Sikkim Himalayas. Tsering plans to improve her Nepali language skills through the CAS FLAS fellowship for her fieldwork in Nepali-speaking Sikkim, India. 

Japanese Studies Scholarship Fellows

Kathryn Yoshie Bertram, Art and Art History
Evelyn Emery, Asian Languages and Civilizations
Gabriel Hooper, Asian Languages and Civilizations
Akane Elizabeth Kleinkopf, Asian Languages and Civilizations
Jordan Knowles, Asian Languages and Civilizations
Sixuan Lu, Asian Languages and Civilizations
Catherine Otachime, History
Raisa Stebbins, Asian Languages and Civilizations
Emma Von Der Linn, Asian Languages and Civilizations

Edward G. Seidensticker Japan Summer Research Grant

​Kathryn Yoshie Bertram, Art and Art History
Catherine Otachime, History
Raisa Stebbins, Asian Languages and Civilizations

Faculty Awards:

Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant

Ida Fauziyah, Indonesian Instructor, Center for Asian Studies
Ida Fauziyah is a Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant at the University of Colorado Boulder for one academic year 2022-2023. She teaches Indonesian Language.

Tibetan and Himalayan Studies Professional Development Grant

The UISFL grant will allow us to strengthen and expand Tibetan and Himalayan Studies at CU by increasing access to THS courses and the number of students who learn about THS. The grant prioritizes expanding curricular offerings beyond faculty already teaching in Tibetan and Himalayan Studies.

Sharon Mar Adams, Instructor, Philosophy Arts and Culture Residential Academic Program
Sharon was selected to receive a Center for Asian Studies Professional Development Award for her course, WGST 2200 Women, Gender, Literature, and the Arts

Galina Siergiejczyk, Instructor, Global Studies Residential Academic Program
Galina was selected to receive a Center for Asian Studies Professional Development Award for her course, RUSS 3333: Spies Like Us: Espionage During the Cold War

Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum Course Development Grant

CLAC Co-Seminar Course Development Grants offer a stipend for the development of a supplemental one-credit undergraduate co-seminar drawing students and content from an existing disciplinary course in any department. Faculty develop and teach this co-seminar using primary Asian language sources to enhance the content of the main course.

Antje Richter, Associate Professor of Chinese, Department of Asian Languages and Civilizations
Antje will be developing a CLAC Co-Seminar for CHIN 4300 Open Topics: Readings in Chinese Literature - Chinese premodern travel literature. The course covers a broad range of genres of historical and fictional travel literature through two millennia of Chinese imperial history.

Matthias Richter, Associate Professor of Chinese, Department of Asian Languages and Civilizations
Matthias will be developing a CLAC Co-Seminar for CHIN 3321 Political Thought in Ancient China.