Published: Sept. 22, 2022

GEOG 1962 – 582

Geographies of Global Change

Instructor: Diego Melo Email:

Some geologists argue we live in an epoch in which humans are the main geological agent on the planet’s surface, or what they call the Anthropocene. However, such a term does not explain which humans, where, and since when brought about such a significant transformation. Moreover, it evades discussions of intra-human differentiation, power, and scale. As such, we ask: how does our understanding of our current epoch define how we conceptualize contemporary issues, such as climate change, transnational migration, geopolitical conflict, and environmental pollution? In this course, we introduce and critique the notion of the Anthropocene through specific perspectives in human geography and political

ecology. We also build a conceptual toolbox to analyze current affairs, such as labor mobilities and migration patterns, war and peace building, and the creation and spread of toxic environments. Through key concepts in Marxist and More-than-Human geographies, the course will allow you to engage critically and rigorously with mainstream narratives about globalization and interpret social, economic, political, and environmental changes from the planetary to the international to the molecular scale.

**Note: Continuing Education (CE) Classes are Billed Separately. If you enroll in both Main Campus and CE classes in the same term, CE tuition will be billed in addition to your Main Campus tuition. This class is not COF eligible. Visit or call 303-492-2212 for more details. This is a 7-week course between 10/17/22 and 12/08/22