Published: May 19, 2022

I am pleased to share with you an exciting opportunity for your students and faculty related to Asian Studies through an academic adventure with Semester at Sea. Since 1963, Semester at Sea has been exploring the world with undergraduate students and faculty. Our innovative learning model combines the best in experiential learning and a rich comparative study abroad experience.

Each fall and spring semester, 550 students from more than 30 countries experience a semester-long educational journey like no other. Sailing with these students are faculty and staff who are leaders in their discipline and field. Together, they discover 10-12 countries over 100 days. Students earn 12-15 course credits, which are accredited by Colorado State University. 

Many of our voyages include port stops in Asian countries. While the pandemic has impacted our ability to travel to some countries, we intend to return to Asia as soon as permitted by local regulations. Semester at Sea is the beneficiary of generous donor funds that allocate resources for students who are studying Asian culture, language, religion, history or business. Every year we offer scholarship awards of $25,000 each to multiple students who sail with us. In addition, we hire a Tung Scholar, a faculty member who is an expert in Asian Studies, to sail with us on select voyages. I invite you, your faculty, and your students to consider sailing with us.

We are now accepting student applications for our Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 voyages, and faculty applications for Fall 2023 and beyond.