Published: April 26, 2022

Hello Students!
Do you have 5 extra hours a week this summer to invest in your professional growth and add to your resume?
Buff Works projects are flexible and short-term opportunities to gain experience, build skills, make connections, and fill out your resume! Many of these experiences are at startups.
In just 5 hours a week over the course of 8 weeks this summer, you can grow professionally with Buff Works.  You will work on teams of 3-5 students to tackle real world challenges for companies. Career Services matches your interests and skills and matches you with projects (see Example Project Areas).
How it works:
Projects will begin in mid-May and will conclude by late June or early July.
Each student commits 30-40 hours (or more) to complete their project.
The hours worked are often flexible and most projects will be entirely remote.
Students do not need to have groups established ahead of time.
Projects are unpaid but provide great professional value in other ways.
You will have support in the form of upskilling options, research resources, and staff for additional questions!
Find out more and apply soon here! Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and should be submitted by May 8th.