Published: March 6, 2019

CAS benefits from the generosity of our donors and sponsors, and in turn, we are able to create opportunities for financial support for our students and faculty members. If you would like to support the study of Asia on the CU campus and expand access to our programming to ever more diverse and broadly representative students and faculty members, please consider contributing to one of the following initiatives:
Contributions to the Asian Studies Advancement Fund allow us to help faculty pursue interdisciplinary research, attend conferences, and develop Asia-themed courses introducing students to new issues and ideas and support events at which faculty and students from around campus and the Front Range region have opportunities to network and collaborate.
Contributions to the Friends of Asian Studies Flatirons Fund endowment help to further the CAS mission, which includes supporting research, instruction, and outreach about Asia on the CU-Boulder campus. The fund is used at the discretion of the CAS Director, with current priorities including scholarships defraying the cost of student travel to Asia for study abroad and internships and the CAS Annual Symposium (a forum bringing internationally-recognized speakers to Boulder).
Contributions to the Asia Internship Program will provide scholarships to offset costs for our summer internship students and funding to allow us to further develop the program. 
Donations can be made online at If you would like to discuss other giving options or ideas, please contact Danielle Rocheleau Salaz at or 303-735-5312.
We thank you for your support!


Asian Studies Leadership Circle

CAS recognizes donors who give $1000 or more each calendar year as members of our Asian Studies Leadership Circle. We are pleased to recognize our 2016 Leadership Circle members:

  • Dennis McGilvray, CAS Advisory Council (CASAC) Member and Professor Emeritus, Anthropology, CU Boulder
  • Laurel Rasplica Rodd, CASAC Member and Professor Emerita, Japanese, CU Boulder; and Greg Rodd
  • Kazunori Takato, CU Alumnus, Class of 1973
  • George and Beth Ann Taylor, CASAC Member
  • Chris Yager, CASAC Member

Thank you to our Asian Studies Leadership Circle members, and to all our supporters. Your contributions allow us to continue to make a difference on campus and in the broader community.

To make a pledge or contribution, please contact CAS Executive Director Danielle Rocheleau Salaz at, or visit the CAS website at