Published: March 6, 2019

2018 CAS Speaker Series Events

In 2018, CAS sponsored 42 events. Some highlights include:

  • a talk by Tsering Shakya of the Institute of Asian Research at the University of British Columbia on how the 13th Dalai Lama became a global figure;
  • Tyler Harlan, postdoctoral fellow at Cornell University, demonstrating how small hydropower is China’s first and most widespread renewable energy technology;
  • as part of our CLAC (Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum) initiative, Suronda Gonzalez exploring an in-depth case study of international students' experiences in CLAC;
  • a talk by Taliesin Thomas about the artwork of Chinese dissident artist Ai Wei Wei;
  • a panel discussion about the trade war with China; and
  • our largest event this past fall, the first China Made conference (see page 1).


2018 CAS Luncheon Series Events

Our 2018 Luncheon Series offered 15 talks by faculty, visiting scholars and graduate students covering a wide range of Asia-related topics:

  • Reading the Visceral Pulses: Five Viscera Theory & the Pulse in a 7th Century Chinese Medical Manuscript, Thursday, February 1, Sarah Zanolini, Masters student, Asian Languages and Civilizations, CU Boulder
  • Anthropological Study of Local American Chinese Medicine, Thursday, February 15, Lihui Wang, CAS Visiting Scholar from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shuguang Hospital, Shanghai
  • Territorial Affairs: Grounding the Global Land Rush in Postwar Laos, Thursday, March 1, Mike Dwyer, Instructor, Geography and CAS, CU Boulder
  • Revising the Rise in Postcolonial Jatra Performance, Thursday, March 15, Jashodhara Sen, PhD student, Performance Studies, Theatre and Dance, CU Boulder
  • Beyond Resistance: Tibetans and ethnic minority place-making in the contemporary Chinese City, Thursday, March 22,Andrew Grant, CAS Visiting Scholar
  • A Brief Introduction to the Study of Chinese Tomb Architecture of the Han Dynasty, Thursday, April 5, Yuan Ma, CAS Visiting Scholar from Sichuan University, Chengdu
  • Good Housekeeping: Advice for Women in a late Qing Daily-Use Religious Encyclopedia, Thursday, April 19, Katherine Alexander, Assistant Professor of Chinese, Asian Languages and Civilizations, CU Boulder
  • In the General’s Valley: China, Africa, and the Limits of Developmental Pragmatism, Thursday, September 13, Robert Wyrod, Assistant Professor, Women and Gender Studies and International Affairs, CU Boulder
  • Yasodhara: A Novel about the Buddha's Wife, Thursday, September 20, Vanessa Sasson, Professor of Religious Studies in the Liberal Arts Department of Marianopolis College. Co-Sponsored with the Tibet Himalaya Initiative and the Department of Religious Studies
  • Discussion of the Art Exhibition at the DMZ Museum, Tuesday, October 2m George Rivera, Professor, IMAP and Art and Art History, CU Boulder
  • "G Yang" and the Tibetan Landscape, Thursday, October 11, Cai Bei, CAS Visiting Scholar and Associate Professor, Qinghai MinZu University, Institute of Ethnology and Sociology, China
  • Illicit passages (tongdao): timber, amber and the making of the China-Myanmar border in Tengchong, Thursday, October 25, Alessandro Rippa, CAS Post-Doctoral Fellow, CU Boulder
  • After the Wenchuan Earthquake: Harmonization of Physical Reconstruction and Social Reconstruction in China, Thursday, November 8, Haorui Wu, Post-doctoral Research Associate, Natural Hazards Center, CU Boulder 
  • The Altars of Soil and Grain in Tang Chang’an and Public Characters of Emperors, Thursday, November 29, Jaeyoung Choi, CAS Visiting Scholar; Associate Professor, Department of History, Hallym University, Republic of Korea
  • Service, Safety, and Fear in Community Centers: Bureaucratic Confusion and Mistrust in Xinjiang, China, Thursday, December 6, Sarah Tynen, Ph. D. candidate in Geography, CU Boulder