Published: July 24, 2018

Two CU students have been awarded prestigious scholarships for study in Asia this year. “I’m thrilled to see our students representing CU in competitive awards like the Fulbright student grants and Boren graduate fellowships,” said Deborah Viles of the Office of Top Scholarships. “Our students show up extremely well on the national stage. It’s exciting to see them recognized for the remarkable work they do.”

Marielle Butters is working on her doctorate degree in linguistics at CU. Her Boren fellowship will take her to Indonesia where she will divide her time between intensive language study of Bahasa Indonesian and her dissertation research, a description of the Sudanese language. Her linguistics work is primarily concerned with the comparison, analysis and description of languages for which there are few records. She previously worked in Indonesia as an English teacher. After she completes her Boren, she hopes to work as a foreign service officer on the consular or political track.

Jean Russell graduated with a degree in environmental studies and a leadership studies minor. She is looking forward to exploring the rich religious, cultural and ethnic diversity in Malaysia as she teaches English there. She anticipates using English as a tool to build bridges across cultural divides. While she's there, she hopes to engage in one of her biggest passions by starting a co-ed Ultimate frisbee team. She has studied abroad in Vietnam. She's a member of the Presidents Leadership Class and captains the CU women's ultimate frisbee team. She also volunteered with the Student Worker Alliance. When she returns from her Fulbright year she plans to earn as master's degree in human rights and social development at the University of Sussex.

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