Published: Sept. 11, 2017
CU in D.C.

The CU in D.C. program is now accepting applications for the Spring 2018 semester. CU in D.C. is an internship and coursework program for undergraduate students from a wide variety of majors.  Every fall, spring, Maymester, and summer, the program sends CU Boulder students to Washington D.C. where they intern in the daytime and take CU classes at night. The program allows students to pursue their studies while developing professional skills and connections, all the while earning credit toward their undergraduate degree. 2017 marks the fifth year anniversary of the program's foundation, and the program has had dozens of successful candidates each year that it has been in operation. According to the CU in D.C. program website:

"CU in D.C. is a program for students who want to put classroom learning into real world action. The program combines a professional internship in the daytime, with CU classroom courses in the evening in Washington D.C.  Students participate over a full semester, summer, or Maymester (fall, spring, and summer are for students from all majors, while Maymester is for students who are interested in science policy).  Internships in Washington D.C. offer students an opportunity to build bridges between knowledge gained in the academic environment of CU, and practical experience gained in the exciting, fast-paced world of the nation’s capital.

The CU in D.C. program is part of a broader initiative by the university to develop a more visible presence in Washington D.C., where students, alumni, policymakers, and others participate in the dynamic processes of our nation’s capital. Students intern in a wide variety of sectors in D.C., such as: political offices, government agencies, nonprofits, think-tanks, and businesses.  Through daily professional experience, they gain confidence and develop the professional skills they will need to succeed after graduation.  Washington D.C. is a rigorous and ideal training ground for young people, and through CU in D.C., participants are transformed from students into leaders and competent professionals."

The application deadline for the Spring 2018 semester is October 30, 2017.  Students can find an application on the CU in D.C. website at: