Published: March 23, 2017

I am honored to serve as Chair of the CAS Advisory Council (CASAC), building on the work of my predecessors Alice Renouf and Duncan Campbell. A relative newcomer to both Colorado and CU Boulder, I am struck by the tremendous potential of the University and the broader community along the Front Range to understand and highlight the importance of Asia, to nurture and promote a global world view as a central element of CU’s mission, and to build bridges between Boulder and Asia. CAS serves as a home for 125+ faculty across campus who are teaching and doing research on Asia. CU’s offerings in Asian studies are expanding. A current example is the addition of a tenure-track Korean civilization position in the Department of Asian Languages & Civilizations for fall 2017. CAS runs its own academic programs including the Asian Studies major and minor and the Graduate Certificate in Asian Studies. 

The members of the CASAC are enormously proud of the work of CAS, some of which is reported on in this newsletter. We have recently updated our bylaws and statement of CASAC Roles, Responsibilities & Expectations, and launched a campaign to recruit additional Advisory Council members. Would you or someone you know be interested in joining us on this important journey? If so, we look forward to hearing from you.
George Taylor, CASAC Chair

Asian Studies Leadership Circle

CAS recognizes donors who give $1000 or more each calendar year as members of our Asian Studies Leadership Circle. We are pleased to recognize our 2016 Leadership Circle members:

Koji Fukumura has again provided scholarship support for the Asia Internship Program – Japan (see Asia Internship Program article for more information)

• Real USA 真美教育 and Philanthropy Support Services both contributed to the newly-established Friends of Asian Studies Flatirons Fund. A balance of $10,000 will create an endowment in order to further the CAS mission, which includes supporting research, instruction, and outreach about Asia on the CU-Boulder campus. We are pleased to report that since the Fund was created last year, we have already received over $7,500 in pledges and donations.

Thank you to our Asian Studies Leadership Circle members, and to all our supporters. Your contributions allow us to continue to make a difference on campus and in the broader community.

To make a pledge or contribution, please contact CAS Executive Director Danielle Rocheleau Salaz at, or visit here for more information.