Published: March 20, 2017

Asian Studies Graduates in 2016

CAS coordinates the major and minor in Asian Studies, an interdisciplinary program that allows students to study the astonishing diversity of the Asian region. Information is available on the Academics tab.

Asian Studies BA

Alexander Appell 
John Hazuka    
Samuel Keoseyan
Shelly Kim     
Monica Mikkelsen
Emily Orendorff     
Amberly Pitts
Carmen Rodriguez
Morgan Sweeney  
Zesha Vang          

Asian Studies Minor

Roberto Bustios 
Jonathan Fedyschyn
Yuka Kodani 
Leslie Luk
Sarah Plath
Maria Rodriguez

CAS Summer Language Fellows

CAS Summer Language Fellowships are awarded to CU graduate students studying Asian languages in summer language programs.

Sara Stiehl (ANTH) - Thai
Alison Hanson (ANTH) - Hindi
Mason Brown (MUSC) - Nepali
Eben Yonnetti (RLST) - Chinese

Japanese Studies Fellowships

This endowment allows us to provide graduate student support to recognize and encourage the study of Japanese history, literature, and language.

Allison Ahlberg     
Lani Alden                 
Anna Blaine             
Brendan Craine Natalie Collar             
Megan Husby
Minako Kuhara                  
Ji Shouse
Catherine Turley      
Ashley Webber 

Colorado Journal of Asian Studies

CAS is pleased to announce the publication of the fourth volume of the Colorado Journal of Asian Studies, available on the Academics tab of our website. Each Asian Studies major is required to complete a thesis or project based on original research, and some of these outstanding theses are featured in CJAS each year. Essays featured in the 2016 volume of the Colorado Journal of Asian Studies:

  • “Comparative Cultural Trauma: Post-traumatic Processing of the Chinese Cultural Revolution and the Cambodian Revolution,” Carla Ho
  • “Relationality in Female Hindu Renunciation as Told Through the Life Story of Swāmī Amritanandā Gīdī,” Morgan Sweeney
  • “Internet Culture in South Korea: Changes in Social Interactions and the Well-Being of Citizens,” Monica Mikkelsen
  • “Operating in the Shadow of Nationalism: Egyptian Feminism in the Early Twentieth Century,” Jordan Witt
  • The Appeal of K-pop: International Appeal and Online Fan Behavior,” Zesha Vang 

Read the 2016 CJAS Volume online!