Published: March 20, 2017
CU students studied Mandarin and literature during the 2016 Global Seminar: “Self-Awareness and Images of Others” in Xi’An. Literature focus included American and Chinese novels, short stories, journalistic texts, and poetry that mark pivotal historical moments in the construction of the city and Shaanxi province.

With support from CAS’ Tang Family Endowment, Dr. Anja K. Lange took 12 CU students to Xi’an in May 2016. The goal of the course was to facilitate understanding of the history of Shaanxi Province and how self and other contribute to cultural, national, and individual identity. 

The class spent a few days in rural areas surrounding Xi’an before moving to the campus of Xi’an Jiaotong University. Students also had opportunities to develop culinary expertise in Shaanxi cuisine, learn calligraphy, experiment with Tai Chi, and visit engineering classrooms and laboratories. The trip concluded in the capital of Beijing. 

Upon their return, the group created a travel log describing their experiences in their travels through modern and ancient China.