In December 2015, the University Libraries was the recipient of the Korea Foundation’s E-Resources grant. Covering half the cost of an annual subscription, the grant helps libraries provide access to Korean scholarly databases. The Libraries now subscribes to DBpia, a multidisciplinary database that covers scholarly output in Korea from across major academic disciplines. It covers over 2,000 journals and holds nearly two million academic articles. Traditionally, Korean Studies in the United States has focused on the humanities: language, literature, history, and art. DBpia also covers Korean scholars’ output in the social sciences and STEM fields, giving the database a broader appeal across campus. While most articles are published in Korean, there are also substantial holdings in Chinese, Japanese, and English. Providing scholarly research about Korea in English was an important factor in subscribing to DBpia. Students who have an interest in researching Korea but are not fluent in the language now have the opportunity to pull from a stronger set of scholarly sources.

 If faculty or students are interested in using DBpia to do research on Korea, they can contact Adam H. Lisbon, Japanese & Korean Studies Librarian for the University Libraries. Accessing the database is possible through the Libraries’ catalog at