Published: Feb. 12, 2015

The Center for Asian Studies is partnering with the Korea Foundation to bring the Lee Mi Sook Dance Company of South Korea to the University of Colorado Boulder.

On Wednesday, February 18, the dance company will begin their two-part music and dance program, featuring over ten tradition songs and dances from Korea. The program includes:

  • Boochaechoom (Fan Dance)
  • Sarangga (Love Song)
  • Chang-bu-Taryung (Song of the Professional Entertainer)
  • Suljanggo (Solo Drumming)
  • Hoesimgok (Song of Conversion)
  • Honam Salpuri (Wash Away Evil Spirits)
  • Jinju Gyobang Gutgeori Dance
  • Taepyeongmu, “Dance of Peace”
  • Gyeonggi Folksong
  • Moodangchum (Shaman Dance)
  • Gyeonggi Soogunchum (Gyeonggi Towel Dance)
  • Ganggangsoollae
  • Arirang
  • Poongmuaknori

Join us in the Old Main Chapel at 6:00 p.m. for this evening of song and dance!

Hosted by National Unification Advisory Council Denver Chapter, sponsored by the Korea Foundation and collaborated by CKA, KSODA CSKA and Center for Asian Studies at CU Boulder. In honor of American veterans of the Korean War.

For more information, visit

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