Published: Aug. 11, 2014

The second volume of Persian: Here and Now (Mage: summer 2014) authored by our Persian instructor and coordinator of Persian (Farsi) program recently released and will be used this year as a course book for Farsi Intermediate. Extract from preface of the book:

"In this volume, as in the first volume of Persian: Here and Now (for introductory Farsi), an attempt is made not only to provide students with level-appropriate, grammatical and lexical material but also to introduce them to language as embodied culture (i.e. to a variety of relevant, comprehensible, here and now representations of mainstream Iranian culture embodied in the language of Persian today). Hence, it is in pursuit of two objectives - linguistic proficiency and cultural proficiency - that material was selected and assembled for this book."

The first volume of the book (Mage: 2014) has been already used as a course book for introductory level of Farsi offered by ALC’s  Persian Program and  it has also been adopted by the Persian programs at Brown University, Stanford University, UC Irvin and U-W Madison’s Persian Immersion program.

Written by CU Farsi Instructor, Reza Farokhfal.

Persian Here and Now