Published: Jan. 4, 2013

Choice Reviews has named Associate Director Timothy Weston's new co-edited (with Lionel M. Jensen) volume, China in and beyond the Headlines, one of 20 Editors' Picks for the month of January 2013.  Choice states: “Chosen by the Choice editors from among the nearly 600 reviews published monthly, these titles stand out for their excellence, timeliness, originality, or sheer reading pleasure.”

China in and beyond the Headlines provides a panoramic view of contemporary China and comprehensive coverage of Chinese economic, political, technological, social, and cultural changes, as well as the influence of these changes on the whole world. In the book’s high-quality scholarly essays, specialists from various fields investigate the most critical issues that China is facing and making a great effort to deal with, including human rights issues, social welfare reform, rapidly growing popular culture, emerging consumerism and tourism and the decriminalization and depathologization of homosexuality. The in-depth discussions of these issues are based on the most current data and information resources, and they really go beyond the headlines of limited Western media coverage on China.