Published: Nov. 8, 2012

Please join us next Thursday for a CAS Brown Bag event:

"Nuclear Koreas"
Thursday, November 15 12:00 - 1:00 pm
1424 Broadway St, Boulder, CO (CAS Conference Room)

Dr. Jerry Peterson, Professor in Department of Physics, will discuss DPRK Nuclear Weapons Development. The two halves of the Korean Peninsula have pursued very different directions with the opportunities that derive from nuclear fission.  The Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea has had a long program to develop the materials for nuclear weapons, and has demonstrated its success by testing.  Has this program been in pursuit of a legitimate search for security?  An expression of Chuch’e, extreme self-reliance?  Or a means of extortion?  The Republic of Korea, on the other hand, has increasingly based its economic prowess upon nuclear electricity, with 30% of its power from clean nuclear reactors and a strongly increasing global role as a supplier of these large and highly technical facilities.  The origins and successes of these two approaches will be analyzed.

Bring your own lunch and we'll provide the dessert. For a more information on all our events, please see our Events List.