Published: Oct. 24, 2012

Boulder Friends of International Students is an organization that builds friendships between international students at CU and Boulder community members to strengthen international understanding. BFIS is in need of more friendly members of the Boulder community to become hospitality hosts for international students. Students do not live with hosts. Hosts help students learn more about American culture through various activities and shared experiences.

Boulder host families love this program because of the uniqueness of each of the friendships they have made.  More and more students from Asian countries are choosing to pursue their degrees at CU Boulder.  Hosting a student from one of these countries can be a unique opportunity for those interested in Asian cultures to make an authentic connection within that culture, all while making CU a better place for international students to come study.

For more information on becoming a host, please visit at  You can download PDF information form on that website, or you can complete the electronic form at