Published: Aug. 8, 2012

The Center for Asian Studies prepares its students for life beyond graduation. Recent CAS alumnus Steve Cutillo, who currently teaches at Grace International School in Chiang Mai, Thailand, shares some post-graduate experience and advice:

When in college, I was a Chinese major, as I always had a great love of the Far East. During my time at CU, I became a secondary outreach assistant with CAS.  I was able to travel around Colorado teaching about China. This experience really prepared me for teaching, as well as grew my love for Asia. In addition, I was able to travel to China with a study abroad program that was funded through CAS. CAS greatly prepared me for my new life in Asia.

Of course, things don’t always work out the way you planned, and instead of going to China after graduation, I ended up in Thailand! I wish I could give you great advice about finding a job in Asia, but my story was actually a bit different. I met a missionary at camp one year, and after learning of my interest in Asia and teaching, he invited me to Thailand to teach at his school! I guess the best advice I can give is this: let people know about your love of Asia. Others who also have such a passion often make themselves known; strike up conversations, meet people. I’ve found that the best way to get a job, even in Asia, is to keep an ear to the ground – listen to people and talk to them about what you’re interested in – sometimes, the job finds you!

Posting authored by Steve Cutillo.

CAS offers internship opportunities in elementary teaching for students studying China, Japan or India.  If you are passionate about Asia and teaching or simply interested in sharing your knowledge about Asia with elementary school students, "It's Elementary" Service Project is the right internship for you.  Please click here or contact Julie Kang for more information about the internship.