Published: July 2, 2012

The Center for Asian Studies is pleased to share information about recent graduate Dana E. Anderson. After receiving a radio research grant from Journalism and Mass Communication, Dana spent part of July 2011 visiting a community radio station in southeast India operated by the Deccan Development Society. Upon returning to CU, Dana was honored with a fellowship through The Modern Story and was selected as JMC's Outstanding Spring 2012 graduate. Read below to learn more about her activities.

Dana first became interested in India while exploring the Little India district of Singapore.  The energy, color and cheerfulness of these streets captivated her imagination, and sparked her desire to learn more about India as an undergraduate student.

Dana spent a year and a half at U.N. headquarters collaborating with delegates while supporting an Indian-based NGO that provided health and educational services for impoverished communities.  The fantastic experience of working with this organization helped Dana realize that India offers a wealth of opportunities to learn about global issues and solutions.

At the University of Colorado, Dana enrolled in India-related courses, from Indian Civilization to Beginning Hindi.  She wrote many of her research papers on India.  One such paper earned her a University of Colorado Journalism grant that sponsored a trip to Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, where she studied a community radio station outside the city in one of India’s most disadvantaged districts.  The station is managed by illiterate farm women who use the medium of radio to preserve and share local knowledge.  Dana’s article about the station was published in Eye See Media magazine.

Dana’s next adventure in India begins in June 2012, when she will become a part of The Modern Story team.  The Modern Story is a not-for-profit organization that introduces digital media and storytelling skills to students at low-income schools in Hyderabad.  As one of three selected fellows, Dana will teach for a six-month semester, cultivating critical thinking and creativity in students.  During the semester, these students progress from photo-essays to video documentaries on a variety of topics, including the environment, gender equality, political events and local issues.  Dana says she is looking forward to combining her passion for journalism with her love of India in new and exciting ways.

We can’t wait to hear more about her fellowship, and wish Dana the best of luck in her future pursuits.