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nullWhether you’re in your first year or final year at CU Boulder, it’s never too early to think about your future. You may know what you want to do after college, or you may have no idea, and that’s okay! No matter where you are, Skills for Success can help you prepare for life after graduation.

Employers across all job industries seek candidates with a well-balanced set of relevant skills. There are foundational skills that can be used in any industry, and skills that are in demand from industry trends. 

Having skills, and a willingness to learn new ones, is key to finding a meaningful job and navigating future career changes. This program helps you identify the skills you have now and those you’ll need to develop to stand out as a strong job candidate, wherever you roam. You’ll also learn how to highlight your skills effectively at every stage of your job search. 

Steps to Get Started

Download the Skills for Success workbook, which includes exercises that will help you

  1. Identify the skills you’ve already developed
  2. Assess how well you have developed those skills
  3. Discover which skills you are gaining in your major
  4. Learn which skills employers want
  5. Choose the skills you want to pursue
  6. Identify ways to build and strengthen skills during your time at CU
  7. Track your progress and make an action plan
  8. Highlight your skills for employers in your resume and cover letters

Contact Alaina Nickerson, our associate director of Comprehensive Career, if you have any questions!