Outreach and Development Coaches

a photo of Victoria Calton

Victoria Calton

Outreach Support Intern
Victoria (she/her/hers) is an undergraduate student, studying journalism and political science to pursue a career as a local journalist specializing in political beats. As an outreach support intern, she hopes to both build a community towards educational- and career-driven success and assist in the creation of a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for those attending career events. Outside of class, she loves to write prose, poetry or cover news stories that...
photo of Ashley Castillo

Ashley Castillo

Outreach and Development Coach
Ashley (she/her/hers) is a junior studying English and psychology with a communications minor. She was born and raised in Colorado. She was hired in the August 2023 and enjoys helping her peers with their careers. In her free time, Ashley enjoys reading, writing and listening to music.
a photo of Avery Fulton

Avery Fulton

Outreach and Development Coach
Avery (he/him/his) is originally from Nashville, Tenn., and is currently enrolled as a senior. He is studying data science and statistics with a minor in business. This is Avery ’ s second year with Career Services, and he is excited about helping others plan and stratify their careers. In his free time, Avery loves to cook and ski.
photo of Erin Grant

Erin Grant

Outreach and Development Coach
Erin (she/her/hers) is a junior in the College of Arts & Sciences majoring in environmental studies with a business minor. Erin is from a suburb called Elmhurst, 30 minutes outside the city of Chicago. Erin loves to paint, listen to music, go on hikes and hang out with her friends in her free time. As an outreach and development coach, Erin aspires to be a helpful and positive resource for...
photo of Acklen Howell

Acklen Howell

Outreach and Development Coach
Acklen (she/her/hers) was born and raised in Palm City, Florida, and is currently a junior at CU. She is double majoring in environmental studies and economics with a minor in geography. This is Acklen’s first year working at Career Services and she is excited to aid students in pursuing their career path. In her free time, Acklen loves to hike, snowboard, swim and cook.
a photo of Colin Raulf

Colin Raulf

Outreach and Development Coach
Colin (he/him/his) was born and raised 10 minutes outside of Boulder in the town of Superior, Colo. He is a junior and is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in anthropology. This is his first year with Career Services and is excited to help others simplify their path towards meaningful careers. In Colin’s free time, he enjoys spending his time outdoors hiking, snowboarding, longboarding, mountain biking or whitewater rafting on...
a photo of Madigan Rumley

Madigan Rumley

Outreach Support Intern
Madigan (she/her/hers) is an outreach support intern, providing administrative support on tasks such as scheduling and communication. She is an undergraduate student studying chemistry and geology and also holds a research assistant position in the Kopf Lab of Geochemistry and Geomicrobial Physiology studying stable isotope fractionation of methanogenesis in archaea. Outside of work and school she enjoys riding her horse, dancing, costume design and reading fantasy and sci-fi novels and...

Graduate Development Coaches

photo of Akanksha Tripathi

Akanksha Tripathi

Graduate Development Coach
Akanksha (she/her/hers) is an electrical engineering graduate student specializing in embedded systems, and a new addition to Career Services team since May 2022. She takes pleasure providing support to students as they navigate their career paths by assisting them with internship and job searches, helping in resume and cover letter editing. Beyond her work, Akanksha enjoys travel, music and family time.

Peer Career Advisors

photo of Isabelle Calvanese

Isabelle Calvanese

Peer Career Advisor
Isabelle (she/her/hers) is a junior majoring in public relations with a double minor in business and media studies. Isabelle is an out-of-state student from Philadelphia, Penn, and has gotten outside of her comfort zone by embracing the amazing opportunities that CU provides. She hopes to help fellow students execute their career goals by providing career resources and a listening ear. Outside of Career Services, you can find Isabelle participating in...
photo of Gavin Faulkner

Gavin Faulkner

Peer Career Advisor
Gavin (he/him/his) is currently a second-year media production student and peer career advisor for CMCI. As a Colorado native he loves to hike, camp, snowboard and enjoy the outdoors. This year he hopes to help other students strive for success in their career goals by offering whatever resources they need. Sko’ Buffs!
a photo of Liza Graybill

Liza Graybill

Peer Career Advisor
Liza (she/her/hers) is a sophomore majoring in aerospace engineering sciences and minoring in engineering management. As a peer career advisor, Liza enjoys helping students hone their skills and build confidence as they navigate their career paths. She is involved in several student organizations such as CU Technology for Extreme Environments (CUTEE) Club, WoAA and oSTEM. Outside academics, Liza enjoys all things space-related and spends as much time outdoors as possible.
a photo of Collin Joy

Collin Joy

Peer Career Advisor
Collin (he/him/his) is a student at CU studying psychology. He has always been interested in the human mind and therapeutic practices. He thoroughly enjoys discussing issues with others, no matter the viewpoint, and loves the idea of helping others by communication. He was born in Brookline, Mass., and attended high school in Newton, Mass. His hobbies include playing basketball, volleyball and football, and reading up on the current events in...
a photo of Becca Lieb

Becca Lieb

Peer Career Advisor
Becca (she/her/hers) isentering her second year as a peer career advisor for the College of Arts & Sciences . Becca is originally from Boston, Mass., and has discovered her love for leadership through college. Becca works to direct her classmates towards their future career goals, provide career resources and contribute to various career services events and projects. In her free time, Becca connects with her GPhi sisters, sews, walks, picnics...
a photo of Andrea Lopez Lopez

Andrea Lopez Lopez

Peer Career Advisor
Andrea (she/her/ella) is a junior in the College of Arts & Sciences double majoring in sociology and Spanish for professions. She is also a multicultural leadership studies minor on the pre-law track. Andrea was born and raised in Denver, Colorado, but her family originates from Jalisco, Mexico. She is a first-generation student who is passionate about helping her community and those with similar backgrounds as her. In her free time...
Emmanuela Nyonkah

Emmanuela Nyonkah

Peer Career Advisor
Emmanuela is studying political science with an interest in preparing for law school. Emmanuela hopes to become an immigration lawyer to advocate for a fair and reasonable immigration law and policy.
Meier Rexius

Meier Rexius

Peer Career Advisor
Meier (he/him/his) is a sophomore studying aerospace engineering with a minor in computer science. An Arizona native, Meier chose CU not only to escape the heat, but also because of his love of snowboarding. This is his second year as a PCA and he’s been able to use his experience in Career Services in junction with extracurriculars to secure an internship at L3Harris over the summer.

Professional Experience Interns

photo of Lilly Nguyen

Lilly Nguyen

Professional Experience Intern
Lilly (she/her/hers) is a junior studying computer science and set to graduate in May 2025. She is passionate about linking students with valuable career-building opportunities and boosting their confidence in professional settings. In her free time, she likes to speed cube, watch movies, crochet and sip on matcha lattes.

Events Interns

a photo of Bergen Backes

Bergen Backes

Events Intern
Bergen (she/her/hers) is a junior majoring in media production with a minor in journalism with hopes of going into documentary production and video editing. She started working at Career Services as an event specialist intern in spring 2023. Outside of school, she loves to ski, travel, watch movies and talk about her dog.
a photo of JB Brandt

JB Brandt

Events Intern
JB (he/him/his) is a sophomore majoring in business and hopes to combine his knowledge of marketing and love of music to be a research and development representative in the music industry. JB was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wis., and his hobbies and interests include graphic design, making music, skiing, playing basketball and golf.

Front Desk Student Assistants

a photo of Calvin Km

Calvin Km

Front Desk Student Assistant
Calvin (he/him/his) is a sophomore and is studying computer science in the College of Engineering. He started working with Career Services in February 2022 and is a first-generation student.
a photo of Robert Scherer

Robert Scherer

Front Desk Student Assistant
Robert (he/him/his) is a fourth-year pursuing degrees in aerospace engineering and bassoon performance. He likes to play guitar, play bass and spend time with his cats in his free time.
a photo of Emily Smith

Emily Smith

Front Desk Student Assistant
Emily (she/her/hers) is a junior studying psychology. In her free time, Emily loves meeting new people, skiing and hanging out with her friends.
katherine stary

Katherine Stary

Front Desk Student Assistant
Katherine (she/her/hers) is a sophomore at Leeds School of Business studying talent management with a leadership certificate. She started working with Career Services in September 2021 as a front desk assistant. Katherine is a third-generation Buff!

Employer Relations Assistants

a photo of Hannah Bachus

Hannah Bachus

Employer Relations Assistant
Hannah (she/her/hers) is a senior studying history and creative writing. She started working with career services in the spring 2022 semester and loves working with and getting to know her fellow staff members. In her free time, Hannah loves reading, writing and exploring the outdoors with her friends!
a photo of Rumer Chatwin

Rumer Chatwin

Employer Relations Assistant and Events Intern
Rumer (she/her/hers) is a juinor studying atmospheric and oceanic sciences with a minor in applied mathematics. She loves working with new people and enjoys helping others. She started working as an event intern for Engineering in Feburary 2023 and is excited for this upcoming semester. Outside of work, Rumer loves to cook, listen to music, make floral arrangements and find new coffee spots.
a photo of Amy Kibort

Amy Kibort

Employer Relations Assistant
Amy is a sophomore majoring in communication in the College of Media, Communication and Information (CMCI), with a minor in sociology. She started working with Career Services in October 2022. Amy loves reading fiction, writing her own stories, listening to international music, drawing, spending time with friends and visiting her dog (named Indiana Jones) and cat (named Lucy).
a photo of Sam Kurtz

Sam Kurtz

Employer Relations Assistant
Sam (he/him/his) is the employer relations and event intern for Engineering Career Services. He is a sophoore studying journalism and minoring in sports media in the College of Media, Communication and Information. Sam loves watching sports, listening to music, being outside and being with his friends and family.