Career Services

a photo of Lisa Lovett

Lisa Lovett

Career Services
Lisa has spent the last decade working in Career Services at CU Boulder. From her start in internships to leading the employer relations, events and marketing teams, to now leading the department, she is focused on building positive relationships with campus constituents, employer partners, students, alumni and the CU community. Her goal for the Career Services team is to ensure positive and productive connections that result in employment for CU...

Comprehensive Career Team

a photo of Lea Alvarado

Lea Alvarado

Alumni Career Advisor
Comprehensive Career Team
Lea is an alumni career advisor with Career Services and the Alumni Association. She provides career advising and coaching to alumni, as well as coordinates and facilitates a variety of alumni career events. Lea is a certified Strengths Coach and has a master’s degree in counseling with a specialization in career development from California State University, Northridge. Lea has more than 20 years of career counseling experience in corporate, nonprofit...
a photo of Cat Diebel-Wilson

Cat Diebel-Wilson

Graduate Student Program Manager
Comprehensive Career Team
Cat is the program director for Graduate Career Services, in which capacity she develops and delivers comprehensive career programming to CU’s graduate students as well as meeting with them one-on-one for advising and career guidance. She holds an MA from the University of Kansas and a BA from the University of Missouri–Kansas City in classics, and spent some years as a PhD candidate at the University of British Columbia before...
a photo of Jennifer Duncan

Jennifer Duncan

Alumni Program Manager
Comprehensive Career Team
Jennifer has worked in career services for 25+ years. Before coming to CU Boulder, she assisted alumni with their career needs at the University of Texas at Austin, Southwestern University (Texas) and Bowling Green State University (Ohio). Jennifer’s expertise is in career coaching and advising, as well as creating and implementing career webinars, virtual series and on-site workshops related to job search and career transition. Jennifer holds an M.A. in...
a photo of Jasimine Evans

Jasimine Evans

Student Services Outreach and DEI Lead
Comprehensive Career Team
Jasimine has lived from coast to coast in the US as a military dependent. Her work has revolved around student development, career development, student support, Residence Life, Athletics, student conduct, learning communities and crisis response. As a first-generation student, Jasimine completed her undergraduate career at the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Science in psychology with an interdisciplinary minor. She gained her Master of Education in counseling-student Affairs at...
a phot of Scotty Josebeck

Scotty Josebeck

Office Manager
Comprehensive Career Team
Scotty was born in Pittsburgh, Penn., but grew up all over the East Coast. Upon graduating from UNH with a BA in psychology in 2006, he was easily convinced by a couple of childhood friends to relocate to Boulder. Scotty held a few different jobs once in Colorado but found meaningful employment in the summer of 2013 working as a custodian here at CU Boulder. Since then he has put...
a photo of Dylan Mark

Dylan Mark

Internship Program Director
Comprehensive Career Team
Dylan works to expand opportunities for professional experiences including the development of internships, projects, entrepreneurship and other career launchers. In his role, Dylan supports students, employers and campus. Dylan has been a staff member of Career Services since 2013 and in that time has led internship initiatives, directed the CU PIIE program and overseen the employer development team. As a CU Boulder alumnus with a sociology degree, Dylan takes pride...
a photo of Alaina Nickerson

Alaina Nickerson

Associate Director, Comprehensive Career
Comprehensive Career Team
Alaina oversees the Comprehensive Career team in Career Services, which focuses on innovative and broad-reaching career projects as well as specialized services and programming for unique populations. Her career has been focused on serving students with the past decade devoted to career development in higher education. Alaina is a foodie and avid world traveler. She is from the Pacific Northwest originally and her favorite color is sparkle.
a photo of Casey Petterson

Casey Petterson

Program Specialist
Comprehensive Career Team
Casey earned her bachelor’s degree in family studies and human services at Kansas State University in 2012. She has worked in various roles throughout her career—from the coffee industry to non-profit work, she eventually received a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling in 2020. Casey is currently a program specialist as part of the comprehensive career team and works as a mental health counselor outside of the university. She...
a photo of Kristi Wasson

Kristi Wasson

Assistant Director, Populations
Comprehensive Career Team
Kristi helps lead Career Services’ Comprehensive Career Team by overseeing outreach efforts and the graduate and alumni career programs. In her role, she also supports campus-wide strategic initiatives and facilitates the Career Community of Practice. When not wearing her leadership hat, Kristi works as a strengths-based career advisor who loves helping students and alumni build awareness of who they are, where they want to go and how to get there...

Embedded Career Team

a photo of Tony Bastone

Tony Bastone

Pre-Law Career Advising Program Manager
Embedded Career Team
Tony Bastone secured a bachelor’s in education after attending the University of Texas at Arlington, and Northeastern State University in 1968, and a Master of Arts in criminology and corrections from the Institute of Contemporary Corrections and the Behavioral Sciences at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas, in 1971. He spent 13 years in the juvenile and adult criminal justice system and was awarded a Presidential Commendation from President...
a photo of Evan Ferg

Evan Ferg

Career Advisor for College of Arts & Sciences
Embedded Career Team
Evan’s passion for serving students and learning along the way is evident when helping students explore their potential future careers. Originally from the Midwest, Evan earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point in 2014 and made the move to Colorado to earn his master’s in counseling and career development from Colorado State University. In his role at the office, he helps determine interests, strengths and goals related...
a photo of Brian D. Hand

Brian D. Hand

Career Advisor for College of Engineering & Applied Science
Embedded Career Team
Brian completed a doctoral degree in exercise physiology at the University of Maryland. He also holds a master of science in oprganic chemistry from the University of Illinois and a bachelor of science in chemical engineering from Cornell University. Brian’s career includes work as an engineer in the pharmaceutical, filtration and failure analysis industries, as well as a university professor. He has previously advised CU Boulder students interested in healthcare...
a photo of Mindy Hurd

Mindy Hurd

Assistant Director, Embedded Career
Embedded Career Team
Mindy helps lead the Embedded Career team, with a focus on the College of Arts and Sciences and the Program for Exploratory Studies. She is passionate about helping students find a career path that aligns with their skills, interests and values. Mindy has been involved in many areas of working with students throughout her career as a teacher, tutor, coach and advisor in both K-12 and higher education. She has...
a photo of Brooke Nelson

Brooke Nelson

Career Advisor for College of Engineering & Applied Sciences
Embedded Career Team
Brooke is a Career Advisor working with students in the College of Engineering & Applied Sciences. She is passionate about coaching students through career milestones, helping them develop lifelong skills, and guiding them to meaningful work they’ll love. Brooke was born and raised in Overland Park, Kansas and remains a diehard Kansas City Chiefs fan to this day. She went on to the University of Arkansas where she earned a...
a photo of Anne Peterson

Anne Peterson

Career Advisor for College of Arts & Sciences
Embedded Career Team
Anne is a Career Advisor with the College of Arts and Sciences embedded career team, primarily working with students in Arts and Humanities. Anne is passionate about guiding students through career milestones, providing resources and advising that encompasses student’s individual needs. As a proud Hoosier, Anne earned both her MS in Counseling and BA in Sociology / Criminal Justice from Indiana University. Anne believes in the power of education and...
a photo of Sandi Rosewell

Sandi Rosewell

Career Advisor for Education, Environmental Design
Embedded Career Team
Sandi Rosewell serves as the liaison with the School of Education, in addition to providing career counseling for all majors. Sandi has taught the career theories class for the counseling graduate program at CU Denver and is the supervisor for the graduate intern program at CU Boulder. Sandi also sits on two boards at CU Boulder – the Restorative Justice Program and the Student Conduct Hearing Board. She is also...
a photo of Cori Shaff

Cori Shaff

Associate Director, Embedded Career
Embedded Career Team
Cori leads the Embedded Career team and supervises a team of career advisors who support the various colleges and schools across campus. A highlight of her role is the opportunity to provide tailored support for each CU Boulder student in a way that aligns with their interests and strengths. Cori earned her BA in communication from CU Boulder and a master’s degree in career counseling from Colorado State University. She...
a photo of Ben Wurzel

Ben Wurzel

Career Advisor for College of Arts & Sciences
Embedded Career Team
Ben is the career advisor for psychology and neuroscience as well as the social science neighborhoods. He has been with Career Services for more than seven years, working in a variety of roles and student populations at CU. He is interested in hiking, biking, snowboarding, meditation, alternative medicine and financial literacy. He is a new dad and is experiencing all the challenges that come with being a first-time parent.

Employer & Events Team

a photo of April Abernethy

April Abernethy

Arts & Sciences Employer Relations Lead and DEI Specialist
Employer & Events Team
April works as co-director of the Public Interest Internship Experience (PIIE) and in employer development for A&S at Career Services. Bridging the gap between employers and students, she strategically works with organizations to maximize their recruiting strategies while advising students in intentional career planning. In addition, she serves on the cultural humility team for the office as diversity, equity and inclusion are integrated into all of her work. She is...
a photo of Molly Bandimere

Molly Bandimere

Assistant Director, Events
Employer & Events Team
Molly was born and raised in Colorado and grew up coming to football games at CU with her family. She has a degree in communication with a focus in speech and theater arts. Most of her career has been spent working in the nonprofit world, traveling all over the U.S., organizing volunteers and events logistics. She has been to many places all over the world, with her favorite being Hawaii...
a photo of Jake Jedamus-Denu

Jake Jedamus-Denu

Employer Specialist for CMCI, Education, Environmental Design
Employer & Events Team
Jake works as an employer relations specialist with a focus on media, communications, education, music and design industries. The most exciting part of his job is getting to creatively connect students and employers who match each other's needs and to watch students land careers with exciting companies. Jake earned a bachelor’s in political science from CU Boulder and is pursuing a master’s in international business at CU Denver. In his...

Christine Maidl

Client Services Coordinator
Employer & Events Team
Christine helps out at the welcome desk and performs administrative support tasks for the department. She earned her bachelor’s degree at CU Boulder, majoring in communication and classics. Christine is also a volunteer with the Longmont Humane Society and earned her certification as a canine massage therapist at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy. Her latest project is helping people with any cat behavior problems. During her free time, she...
a photo of Crystal Mikes

Crystal Mikes

Associate Director, Employer & Events
Employer & Events Team
Crystal enjoys collaborating with groups across campus to identify programming and best recruiting practices for students. Crystal earned a master of education in education and human resource studies in May 2014 from Colorado State University. She specialized in counseling and career development with an emphasis in career counseling. She is a nationally certified counselor and National Career Development Association Certified Career Counselor. She is a board member and newsletter editor...
a photo of Stacy Rosseau

Stacy Rosseau

Sr. Recruitment & Event Specialist
Employer & Events Team
Stacy works with the events team to coordinate career fairs and events. She also manages on-campus interviews for employers that want to interview CU Boulder students. Stacy has a bachelor’s degree in sociology from The University of Michigan, and enjoys creating art, being outdoors and spending time with her family and two dogs.
a photo of Evie Schwartz

Evie Schwartz

Employer Relations and Event Specialist for the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Employer & Events Team
Evie is the Employer Relations and Event Specialist for the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences. The Engineering Career Services team contributes to the CEAS ProReady initiative by growing student engagement in charting their career path, gaining relevant experience, and growing their professional network. Evie best supports student needs through planning networking opportunities and CEAS events. These events are tailored to help students connect with employers, find internships and jobs,...
a photo of Kate Ufer

Kate Ufer

Event Specialist
Employer & Events Team
Kate helps manage the career fairs and career events for CU campus. Kate graduated in May 2019 from University of Colorado Boulder with a Bachelor of Science in strategic communication from the College of Media, Communication and Information. Starting as an event intern for CU Career Services as a sophomore in college, Kate learned the best practices for event management and used her skills in advertising to help the team...

Graduate Intern

Sarah Bradley

Graduate Intern
Graduate Intern
I have always been interested in helping professions; when I was younger, I imagined I would become a veterinarian, physician’s assistant, or teacher. After high school, I began working towards a degree in nursing and became a nurse’s assistant. Soon after taking a job at a large hospital, I realized the nursing field was not for me. I took some time off to do some career exploration before transferring to...

Rhonda “Ronni” Gorenz-Macy

Graduate Intern
Graduate Intern
BS Education (she/her/hers) Some of you know me professionally as Rhonda Macy, and at Colorado State University, I am known as Ronni Gorenz-Macy which is a combination of my nickname, Ronni, and my legal last name, Gorenz-Macy. Confusion about my name persists, because I married late in life and have never reconciled with what name to use. At Red Rocks Community College, I developed my knowledge and skills in career...

Susan Henderson

Graduate Intern
Graduate Intern
BS Psychology (she/her/hers) At Texas A&M University I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology in 2009 with a minor in business. While I considered applying for graduate school right after graduating, I decided I was ready to jump into the “real” world and start a career before possibly going back to school. After jobs in various corporate environments, that I did not particularly enjoy, I decided I wanted...