Published: March 1, 2023
picture of people networking

A robust professional network is an essential resource for finding internships and jobs. People in your network can offer recommendations and serve as references.

Cultivate a network at CU Boulder

You don’t have to wait until you have a career to build a network. Being a student offers the perfect opportunity to meet new people and build relationships. Here are a few ways to build a network during your time in college.

Connect to the Forever Buffs Network

The Forever Buffs Network includes over 300,000 CU Boulder alumni. Using your university network to connect with other Buffs in your field of interest is a great step toward building a professional network.

Apply for an on-campus job

Working as a student employee offers many benefits, including flexibility, gaining experience and learning new skills. Working on campus also opens the door to meeting people and building your network. Check out current openings.

Volunteer on campus or in the community

Volunteering is a great way to expand your network and develop skills. When you volunteer, you can connect with people from all backgrounds and interests. Look for opportunities to get involved through the Volunteer Resource Center.

Join a student organization

CU Boulder has over 400 student organizations covering a wide range of interests and topics. From sports fans to social justice advocates and more, you can build valuable relationships while you have fun and pursue your passions. 

Attend campus events

You never know who you may meet at a campus event hosted by the Center for Student Involvement. Whether you attend a DIY Night, I Love Mondays, Buffs After Dark or other campus events, you can connect with others and build your network.

Participate in intramural sports

Building your network can be fun. If you love sports, joining an intramural sports team offers a great way to build relationships. You can connect with your teammates and competitors as you practice and compete. These relationships could prove beneficial to your career success.

Ways to network with professionals

When building relationships with other students, faculty or staff on campus, you can be less formal in your communication. However, when you attend networking events, career fairs or formal meetings, you want to be more intentional with your preparation and participation.