Published: Nov. 9, 2022

Faculty and staff can play an important role in helping students figure out what to do after college. Having career conversations with students is key to helping them prepare for the world of work, and a great place to start these conversations is in classrooms. Students that are exposed to the world of work, educated in industry knowledge and prepared to apply to jobs are more confident and effective in their steps after college, regardless of their chosen industry. 


As a partner to faculty and staff, Career Services offers many resources to support your work in the classroom and help students with their future plans. Here are some ways faculty and staff can partner with Career Services this year. 


Classroom presentations 

Whether students are in their first year or final year on campus, they can benefit from engaging in career conversations. Bringing Career Services into your classroom is a great way to get students to start thinking about life after CU Boulder. We offer free, tailored presentations and workshops for undergraduate students, graduate students and postdocs to support their career development.


Topics range from career exploration to building professional skills to post graduate job search. Career Services staff members can adapt presentations to meet the needs of your class or group. Review presentations and workshops for undergraduate and graduate students. 


Embedded advisors, tailored to your department

Career Services has a tailored approach to working with academic departments and has specific advisors dedicated to colleges and departments. This means you can benefit from clear communication and work with a career advisor that has experience advising students in your field. 


These partnerships can look different for each department and our collaboration is tailored to your specific career industry. Our advisors (and student staff) can deliver services in general career topics, and also tailor presentations to departments and classes as requested. Connect with an embedded career advisor in your college or school to learn more. 


Resources for conversations 

Talking with students about their future plans is key to helping them feel prepared and excited for life after graduation. These conversations can happen at any point in a student’s academic journey—it’s never too early to start engaging with Career Services. 


Career conversations can be nuanced and often individualized for each person. There are many options for students to engage in career development, whether it's a workshop, industry-focused event, career fair or a one-on-one advising appointment. No matter where a student is on their career journey, Career Services can help.


Faculty and staff can refer students to our website to help them get started or direct them to visit our office in C4C S440.