group of people working at a tableAt CU Boulder, there are many ways to build professional skills outside of a traditional internship. And it’s never too early to start developing these skills. Doing so now can help you gain experience for your resume and provide stories to share in job interviews later. 

Having strong leadership skills can demonstrate a few things to potential employers. It can show that you’re able to recognize and leverage the strengths of individuals to achieve shared goals. It can also show that you’re organized and can delegate tasks. These skills are relevant in any job and in all industries, and are sought after by many employers. Here are a few ways you can build and develop leadership skills at CU Boulder. 

Take on leadership roles

Leadership comes in many different forms, offering a variety of ways to develop skills. Any activity where you are delegating, motivating others, facilitating meetings or practices and setting expectations can help build leadership skills.

Think about how you’re involved on campus and what options might be available next semester. Here are a few things to consider:

Learn about leadership

Did you know you could study leadership at CU Boulder? Consider the Leadership Studies Minor. Through this academic program, you will

  • Learn new ways to think about leadership.
  • Discover your own leadership strengths.
  • Develop skills through leading project teams, managing conflict, public speaking and analyzing problems.
  • Learn about collaborative and inclusive leadership, ethical decision-making and issues of power and privilege.

Talk with your advisor to see how the Leadership Studies Minor may fit into your academic journey.

Another way to learn about leadership is through CU GOLD. They offer semester-long leadership programs during the fall and spring semesters for beginning and advanced learners. They also host one-time workshops on everything from effective communication to team-building to creating change as a leader. CU GOLD programs are free and open to all CU students.

Work on campus

On-campus jobs offer many benefits, including the opportunity to build a variety of skills. If you already work on campus, talk with your supervisor about how you can work on your leadership skills. If you’re looking for a part-time job next semester, consider positions that will help you develop your leadership skills. Roles like teaching assistants, learning assistants, campus tour guides, peer coaches or peer advisors are all great options. 

For more tips on building skills, check out the Skills for Success program through Career Services. Attend an upcoming skills lab to learn more, ask questions and start developing your personalized skills plan.