Published: Oct. 9, 2023 By

Corey Neu

Corey Neu

The Biomedical Engineering Program at CU Boulder marks its fifth year with a change in leadership. Director Mark Borden, who helped grow the program into a thriving community of interdisciplinary researchers and students since its inception in 2018, has passed off the reins to Professor Corey Neu.

"We are positioned to be a leading BME program nationally and globally thanks to the efforts of our previous director, Mark Borden," Neu said.

Biomedical engineering is an exciting, multidisciplinary field that lies at the interface of medicine, biology and engineering. It is dedicated to solving a range of health-related challenges in areas such as biomechanics and mechanobiology, medical devices, imaging & diagnostics, and therapeutics.

The Biomedical Engineering Program at CU Boulder is ideally positioned to influence the next generation of biomedical engineers. The state of Colorado has the highest concentration of biomedical engineering jobs in the country and over 90 biomedical companies within the state.

"The interest in our undergraduate program has been tremendous, with growth in an increasingly talented student population year over year,” Neu said. Last year, the first-ever graduating class of 15 students walked across the stage, with a total of 242 students enrolled in the program. This year, 65 students are projected to graduate, with a total of 331 students making up the entire student body.

Presently, the program is #22 among public graduate programs, with 50% women students among its student body and 39% students from underrepresented backgrounds in engineering. Ninety-two percent of CU Boulder PhD engineering graduates and  87% of MS engineering graduates report being satisfied or very satisfied with their experience as a graduate student

“Neu is the perfect person to lead us into the next era of the biomedical engineering program,” Borden said. “He was one of the original architects during the planning phase and has served the program as Graduate Chair since its launch. Now that the undergraduate program is in place and we have graduated our first class, it’s the perfect time for Corey to take over the reins and focus on expanding the graduate program.”

Neu is also the Donnelly Family Professor in the Paul M. Rady Department of Mechanical Engineering. He joined the CU Boulder faculty in 2015 and is affiliated with the BioFrontiers Institute. His Soft Tissue Bioengineering Laboratory is dedicated to technology development for fundamental study and engineering of connective and cardiac tissues.

“I am excited to help guide continued expansion of our graduate program,” said Neu, “as we look to support interdisciplinary biomedical research across our campus and with our Front Range industry and medical partners."