Eligible CU Boulder faculty* may nominate and/or become a member of the Boulder Faculty Assembly in the following capacities:

  • Department or Unit Representative
  • At-Large Representative
  • BFA Officer
  • BFA Standing Committee Chair
  • BFA Standing Committee member

The selection process, terms, duties, and expectations for each role varies. For full description and details see the BFA Bylaws and/or Standing Rules. *Please see the box in the sidebar for more information on eligibility.

These seats are either selected by their units/departments or elected in an At-Large capacity by the Faculty Senate. Duties include the following:
  • Attend monthly Assembly meetings - if unable to attend, the representative should arrange for a substitute and communicate the information to the BFA office.
  • Serve on a BFA Standing Committee - seats for these committees will be open first to BFA Representatives in fall of each calendar year.
  • Communicate all BFA news and business to constituents.
  • Communicate business from their constituents to the BFA Assembly, Executive Committee, or standing committee chair, as appropriate.

BFA Officer - Officers attend the weekly Executive Committee meetings and are expected to attend General Assembly. They also serve as the Selection Committee for the BFA Excellence Awards, and as PAC12 Academic Leadership Coalition representatives of CU Boulder. BFA Officers* are elected by the CU Boulder faculty senate during spring elections and include the following:
  • BFA Chair - The Chair is the spokesperson for the BFA. The Chair shall serve as liaison to appropriate campus and system groups. The Chair also presides over Executive Committee and General Assembly meetings among other duties. The Chair serves a two-year term and may be elected for a second term of one year.
  • BFA Vice-Chair - The Vice Chair will assume the duties and responsibilities of the Chair in the case of absence or incapacity. Additionally this position chairs the Bylaws Committee, updates approved changes to the Bylaws and/or Standing Rules, and attends the weekly Executive Committee meetings. The Vice-Chair serves one term of two years and may be elected to a second term of one year.
  • BFA Secretary - The Secretary will chair the Nominations & Elections Committee as well as serve on the Bylaws Committee. The Secretary is responsible for assisting the BFA Coordinator with updating the Assembly Roster and providing committee chairs with lists of members. The Secretary serves one term of two years and may be elected to a second term of one year.
  • BFA Executive Committee At-Large Representatives - two seats are available to faculty who wish to serve on the Executive Committee as At-Large Representatives. They are also expected to attend the General Assembly, Bylaws, and Faculty Council meetings. They also participate on the selection committee for the BFA Excellence Awards and serve as members of the PAC-12 ALC representing CU Boulder. These positions serve one three-year term. 
  • BFA Most Recent Past Chair - the most recent past BFA Chair is a member of the Assembly with a vote.

BFA Standing Committees - these committees act as advisory panels to both the Executive Committee and the General Assembly. Committees shall regularly evaluate the campus policies, procedures, and standards that fall within the scope of their charge.
  • Committee Chair - Responsible for coordinating committee meetings, agendas, and business. The Chair will also attend weekly Executive Committee meetings and General Assembly meetings. Chairs are expected to participate on the selection committee for the BFA Excellence Awards and to create a committee annual report. These positions serve a two-year term and may be elected to serve a second two-year term**.
  • Committee Member - Most BFA committees are comprised of eight faculty members. Two of these are specifically for BFA Representatives, who serve a two-year term. The remainder are elected from CU Boulder faculty senate members and serve a three-year term.

CU-Boulder faculty with appointments of at least 50% in any rank within these job title categories:
  • Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor
  • Instructors (all ranks)
  • Scholar In Residence and Artist In Residence
  • Clinical or Research Faculty
  • Adjoint or Attendant Faculty

See the Assembly Roster to find your department or academic unit representative. If your department/unit does not currently have a BFA representative, ask your Department colleagues to appoint or elect you to represent them. If you are interested in serving on any of the elected seats listed above, please contact the BFA Secretary or the BFA office for details on becoming a nominee and available seats.

**BFA Officers and Committee Chairs are eligible for an annual stipend.

BFA Election Guidance for Departments and Other Academic Units