The governing documents of the Boulder Faculty Assembly include a set of Bylaws and a companion set of Standing Rules. Article numbers in the two documents mirror each other. For example, Article II of both the Bylaws and the Standing Rules govern the BFA election process. The Bylaws are generally substantive, while the Standing Rules are generally procedural. If the two documents are inconsistent, the Bylaws take precedence. Where the Bylaws and Standing Rules do not address matters of procedure, issues will be resolved according to the most recent edition of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised.
The Standing Rules of the Boulder Faculty Assembly describe procedures and practices necessary to implement the Bylaws of the Boulder Faculty Assembly. The numbering of the Articles of the Bylaws and the Articles of the Standing Rules correspond. Not all Articles of the Bylaws have corresponding Standing Rules. The Standing Rules can be amended as provided by the Bylaws of the Boulder Faculty Assembly.

Table of Contents

Article I. Membership ... 1-2

Article II. Elections ... 3-5

Article III. Office and Executive Committee Members at Large ... 6

Article IV. Executive Committee ... 6

Article V. Committees ... 6-10

Article VI. Meetings of the Assembly ... 11-14

Article VII. Amending and Suspending Bylaws and Standing Rules ... 15

Article VIII. Definitions ... 15

Appendix ... 16

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