Photo of LiftTile

Prototype room-scale, shape-changing interfaces with LiftTiles

Jan. 27, 2020

To simplify shape-shifting interfaces, CU Boulder researchers have developed “LiftTiles,” modular blocks that raise to the desired height via air pressure and then collapse under spring force when needed.

Photo of ShapeBots next to laptop

ShapeBots: a swarm of shape-shifting robots that visually display data

Sept. 24, 2019

Tech Xplore features the ShapeBots project, developed by ATLAS PhD students Ryo Suzuki and Clement Zheng.

Clement presenting his research at the DIS '19 conference.

ATLAS makes its mark at DIS'19

July 10, 2019

Researchers from ATLAS Institute's THING, ACME and Unstable Design labs took home "Best Paper" and "Best Pictorial" awards as well as contributed four research presentations at the ACM conference on Designing Interactive Systems (DIS '19), held in San Diego, June 23-28.

Ryo Suzuki

Ryo Suzuki and others win "Best Paper" award for MorphIO project at DIS '19 conference.

June 27, 2019

"MorphIO: Entirely Soft Sensing and Actuation Modules for Programming Shape Changes through Tangible Interaction," authored by Ryo Suzuki and researchers from Keio University and The University of Tokyo in Japan, won a "Best Paper" award at the 2019 Designing Interactive Systems Conference (DIS '19) held in San Diego June 23-28. Suzuki, an ATLAS affiliated PhD student who does research for the ACME and THING laboratories, presented the research during the DIS '19 Shape Changes Interfaces Track.